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Before you spend tens of thousands on property education courses fill out our in-depth Application test to find out if we think you have the right charateristics for success in property markets

Accepted applicants spend £2995 now and the remaining £9o00 on completion of thier first profitable transaction within 5 yEARS OR THEY DONT PAY

10 placements per course

Accepted applicants Announced 10 days before the course start date

There are only 10 spots on each of our Apprentice courses.

Too many people do property education courses and don’t enter the market post-course completion.

We create 5 teams that are matched through personality profiles to work together with the goal of creating an executable go-to-market strategy over 28 weeks of the course.  Aprentice course participants receive the following weekly sessions.

2x 1hr Group sessions with Mike Donovan every weekend for the course duration and Gator Team Sessions held 3x a week between course participants.

Teaching the risks specific to their individual startegy as well as in the wider education pack on the different verticles in market.

 We measure Gator’s post-course performance KPIs while giving guidance through their first transaction.

Application Process Required

10% of property education market students follow through to entering the property market

Not everyone has what it takes to be successful in property and we want to achieve results by finding and training people to deliver.

If your accepted for the program we will let you know 10 days before the first date the Aprrentice program starts after the time of your application.

 Fill out the application which includes a 40 minute psychometric test to apply for the Apprentice Program by selecting the free preview of the course in the link below.

This will take about 35/50 minutes to complete.

75% of our fee is paid on your success

We must be selective in people that we believe can deliver successful projects.

Applicants should have access to 10K available for a post-course investment in a viable go-to-market proposal developed during the Apprentice Program Course

Applicants with viable proposals developed during their class will be assisted with introductions that may facilitate their go-to-market strategy developed on the course.

6 hours of direct Support from Mike including post-course support on Proceeding go to maret project

Gators are given guidance through their first post-course transaction with 3 hours of one and one sessions during course and 3 hours of direct Support from Mike for the proposed project the Gater proposes to enter the market.

Gator Apprentice Course Certified Students have 5 years after completing the Apprentice program to use thier hours of one-on-one support times with Mike with addditonal hours provided for an aditional fee.

Continuous access to Gator Stars Support for 1 year after the course completion date.

Further support can be purchased by paying additional fees for various support packages on offer.

We invest in you

25% Now 75% on profit

Property development courses

Gator Apprentice

£2995 now

After completion of Profitable Property Transaction*

Application requires psychometric testing

35/50 minutes to complete.

Online interview with selected applicants

Property development courses
one-on-one coaching calls and live sessions with the Property Gator
find out if you have the foundations to build an empire
Not sure or have more questions book a call with a gator

Why Let us Help you?

We are unlike any other property courses – we are incentivised in your success. Our experience in the different verticals will give you the tools to mitigate risk, maximise returns and compound your wealth 

Hours of live group lessons

Hours solo Guidance sessions with Mike


Pay 25 % NOW 75% ON SUCCESS

Your Property Journey to financial success Starts Here!

The Property Gator Revenue Engine

Have one on one mentorship with the Property Edu’ Gator guiding you on your property journey


PAY £2995 now £9000 after you complete your first deal

Answers to Your Questions

WHo is the Property Edu’gator

Mike Donovan started the property gator with James Prior after having a successfull career in the UK and US Property Markets. Mike is a developer and RIBA Architect with experience in Resecential and Commercial Propert markets. He’s done it all from developing large Hotels in the city of London to small resdential developments. 

how long is the course

We have 2 hour group sessions every week for 14 weeks 

When do I pay the remaining fee of the course

You pay 25% up front and then pay 75% when you complete your first profitable property transaction. Which you will have support in guiding you through, to make sure you have mitigated the risks present to maximise your profit. 

How many one one-on-one sessions with Mike will I have

During the course, you will have 6 1-hour sessions with Mike helping you understand the course material and supporting you in your proposed deals that you find as part of your course 

Do i have to take the psychometric test to take the course

Yes, we understand the test is quite long but this helps us understand you and helps us choose the right people for our course, since we take 75% of our fee on your success. We are investing in you! This test also allows us to put you into the correct teams where your skills sets support your team members to be suited for success


The Property Edu’Gator turned my nightmare into a success story

Mike is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of property markerts and mentored me through my first property deal which was a massive nightmare until i received Mike’s expert knowledge and guidance. I cant thank him enough.

James Prior


 the property Edu’Gator’s

track record & Market verticles




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